Friday, September 30, 2011

Tarut Island

Tarut is its own city by Qatif.  It is on an island connected by a causeway and sits on the gulf.  It has Tarut Castle which is the oldest in the Persian Gulf.  The castle looks more like an old fort but its towers can still be seen.  It is fenced in and it looks like they may be renovating.  As usual there is a ton of trash everywhere and it is sad to see it taken care of so poorly.  You can also still see the old well that use to feed the castle although it is very overgrown.  The neighborhood behind the fort is made up of old houses which are beautiful!  In the mortar used to make them you can see old see shells.  Tarut is working on preserving their history and has put up signs telling what things are.  This is the only place in Saudi Arabia I have seen these.  
Tarut -

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