Thursday, September 1, 2011

SACO World

The new Saco World has opened at Dhahran Mall.  It is MASSIVE!!!!  Two stories that are bigger then a Super Walmart or Target.  The old Saco was basically an ACE Hardware.  Selling ACE brand paints, tools, etc.  The new Saco World still carries that but is so much more!!!  I do not have a good comparison to it from a store in the States.  It has all the home improvement things like a Lowes but then carries toys, and kitchen stuff like a Walmart/Target but still goes further carrying toys.  It is amazing.  Anything you could need for a home they have, cleaning supplies, home improvement, exercise, bathroom cabinets, tools, chairs, sofas, coffee tables, patio furniture, lawn equipment and more.  This place has it all and makes life so much easier!!  No more going to the souk to hunt down a screw!  As an added bonus it is close!!!  Less than five minutes from Dhahran camp.  It will take you longer to get out of the camp then to get to the SACO World!!!  YEAH!!!!  No if only they would sell wood we would have it made!  
 Bathroom Stuff & More
 Games/ Exercise Equipment
 Grills, Chair Section
Lawn Section/ Kitchen Section 
 Barbies, Bikes & Pools

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