Monday, September 19, 2011

Tamimi Safeway

The Tamimi or Safeway on the Corniche had a transformation over the summer.  We knew they were updating it but I never imagined it would be as nice as it has turned out.  It is like walking into a U.S. Safeway!!!  It is very very nice!!!  When I first returned I was not sure I was even in the correct spot.  The new building looks nothing like the old both inside and outside.  They have done an amazing job!  
Fruit/Vegetable Section 
Deli Meats 
 Olive counter
Fish market behind glass so you don't have to smell it!
 Meat counter 
 Meets from U.S. Brazil and more
 U.S. Cereals


  1. Is this shop in Kohbar or Dammam?

  2. They also sell Blue Bell Premium Ice Cream from Brenham, Texas.

  3. What are the Ramadhan timings ?

    1. Same as always 24 hours other than prayers.

  4. omgosh, we lived in dhahran until the early 2000s, i can't believe how safeway looks, so nice!! is the shwarma stand still outside?? oh how i would love to have one of those chicken shwarmas!! glad i found your blog!!


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