Friday, September 30, 2011


Here are some random photos from Qatif and Tarut Island.  They are of everyday Saudi people and life.  
The bottom sign is the one you need to notice.
 No idea what they say

Dareen & Winery

Dareen on Tarut Island is right along the coast.   There are many Dhow fishing boats there.  There is also another ruin of a palace although all that remains is a giant pile of rubble which the fisherman use to make and store their nets.  There is also a winery from many moon ago there.  Someone building a house discovered it.
 The Palace
The Winery

Tarut Island

Tarut is its own city by Qatif.  It is on an island connected by a causeway and sits on the gulf.  It has Tarut Castle which is the oldest in the Persian Gulf.  The castle looks more like an old fort but its towers can still be seen.  It is fenced in and it looks like they may be renovating.  As usual there is a ton of trash everywhere and it is sad to see it taken care of so poorly.  You can also still see the old well that use to feed the castle although it is very overgrown.  The neighborhood behind the fort is made up of old houses which are beautiful!  In the mortar used to make them you can see old see shells.  Tarut is working on preserving their history and has put up signs telling what things are.  This is the only place in Saudi Arabia I have seen these.  
Tarut -

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Suq Al-Samak

The Suq Al-Samak is located in Qatif.  It is a fish, vegetable and fruit market.
Fish Tongues! 
Help I'm Stuck!

Suq Al-Khamis

The Suq Al-Khamis is located in Qatif.  About 30 minutes from Dhahran.  It is an outdoor Thursday market.  They sell a little bit of everything.  They have an entire section dedicated to birds.  They have every kind of bird imaginable for sale.  Since the Saudi's are not big on photos many of these were taken without actually looking through the camera.  Sorry they are crooked.     


Monday, September 26, 2011

National Saudi Day

Saudi Day is the equivalent of the 4th of July in the States minus the fireworks.  On camp the Cricket group had a festival with activities for the kids, food, a cricket game, and kite flying.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Off Roading

Driving the dunes in a 4x4 vehicle is a favorite past time of many here.  Once out in the desert you are sure to encounter at least a few camels which are always fun to see.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tamimi Safeway

The Tamimi or Safeway on the Corniche had a transformation over the summer.  We knew they were updating it but I never imagined it would be as nice as it has turned out.  It is like walking into a U.S. Safeway!!!  It is very very nice!!!  When I first returned I was not sure I was even in the correct spot.  The new building looks nothing like the old both inside and outside.  They have done an amazing job!  
Fruit/Vegetable Section 
Deli Meats 
 Olive counter
Fish market behind glass so you don't have to smell it!
 Meat counter 
 Meets from U.S. Brazil and more
 U.S. Cereals
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