Monday, December 12, 2011

Hofuf Camel Market

The Hofuf camel market is one of the larger ones in Saudi Arabia.  It has camels, sheep, goats, and more.  It is a nice market and very active.
This is a 3 day old baby camel. 


Hofuf is a much larger city then I thought.  It is larger then Khobar.  It is a very nice city.  They have some beautiful minarets.   They have a Bedouin souk, and a new souk area as well.  They have restored a palace as well as a primary school for tourism.  Both are very nice!

Hofuf Primary School

Saudi Arabia is in the process of renovating and restoring their historic sites.  They are doing an amazing job!  They have artifacts and signs telling what everything is.  They allow you to touch everything and fully imagine how things were.  Some of the old pictures they had were just amazing to see. It is worth seeing!

Nada Dairy Farm

We were able to visit the Nada Dairy Farm.  Nada is one of the largest dairy producers in Saudi Arabia.  They have an amazing facility!!!  It is huge, well run, and so clean!!  It was very cool to see how they produce all the milk, juice boxes, and so forth.
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