Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bahrain Souk

I personally like the souk in Bahrain better then the one in Al Khobar.  It has more of a authentic feel to it. 
 Tailor Shop
Yes those are crosses.  I was surprised!


Since we have first arrived here there have been some big changes happening in Bahrain.  They have been caught up in the Arab Spring which has made the pictures below common sights in Bahrain.  
 Support for the king 
 Near the former Pearl Monument

Bahrain Scenes

Here are some everyday scenes from Bahrain.  They are from both ends of the island.  
Saudi Arabia & Bahrain Flags Together
 Work in Progress

 A home
 Another home
And Another 
 Camels Just Chillin by the road
 They serve BACON!
 Cricket Game

 Traditional Fishing Boat
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