Saturday, October 22, 2011


The King Fahd causeway is about sixteen miles long and connects Saudi Arabia to Bahrain.  Depending on what time you hit it you can breeze right though or sit for hours!   You will have to clear five gates coming and going.  The first gate is to make sure your car is okay to leave.  The second is to stamp you out of either Saudi or Bahrain.  The third then stamps your passport into the other country. The fourth is a car inspection.  The fifth is car insurance.  All of those take place on a small island between the two countries.  Total time without having to wait long at customs is about an hour to make it from Khobar to Manama.  
 I have only seen it this uncrowded once!
 Gate 1
 Gate 3
 Last Gate to Bahrain
 These trucks line the causeway on the Bahrain side.  I have been told that they sit for two days waiting to cross because the Saudi side is only open on certain days.  It is crazy!
 Barhain Police
 Saudi Side Gate 2
 Island for customs

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