Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cold & Wet...

If you have the thought like I did that its a desert over here so why bother bring an umbrella and coat rethink your decision.  It is currently 52 degrees and raining!! Yes that's right it feels like Portland or Seattle not Saudi Arabia!  In fact a good portion of the Saudi schools closed today because of the weather.  The Dhahran Aramco schools were open.   Here is the article from the Arab News about the school closures.


Schools in some areas closed after Met warning for Tuesday

Motorists drive gingerly during a drizzle on a Buraidah road on Monday. Other parts of the Kingdom, including Jeddah, also experienced moderate rain. (SPA)
RIYADH: The Ministry of Education has declared a holiday on Tuesday for all schools in Riyadh, Qassim, Hail and in the Eastern Province.
The ministry issued the directive as a precautionary measure following Presidency of Meteorology and Environment Protection (PME) projections of expected inclement weather conditions in these areas from Monday night.
The decision was taken following reports and warnings from the PME that thunderstorms and heavy rains were expected in these regions during the next 24 hours from Monday night, said Ministry of Education spokesman Mohammed Saad Al-Dukhaini.
Al-Dukhaini added that the notice of closure was being issued only to schools in these four regions and applied to students, teachers and administrative staff.
Mosaed Al-Mujahid, the ministry’s supervisor of foreign and community schools in Riyadh, told Arab News that the ministry took the decision to stop students and teachers having to commute to schools in potentially hazardous conditions. However, he added that schools would reopen on Wednesday.
The International Indian School in Dammam (IISD) Principal Mohammad Shaffe said following the directive from the government they immediately decided to close the school on Tuesday. The school has notified parents.
A spokesman from the PME in Jeddah said heavy rains and strong winds of up to 45 km per hour were expected in Riyadh, Qassim, Hail and in the Eastern Province.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dhahran Housing

Housing styles are one thing I have been ask a lot about.  Here is what I have put together.  The modular's are all in main camp the townhomes and adobe's are in the hills.  Bachelor housing sprinkled throughout.  To see the furniture supplied on arrival look at the following post.  Arrival Furniture

Town homes
This is the larger 3 bedroom townhome.  They all come with an office upstairs that could also be used as a bedroom if needed.  
These two show the smaller 3 bedroom town home.  It is almost identical to the larger just the a few differences like the dinning room is not as small.
This is the two bedroom town home.  It is for people without kids or with only one kid.  

Adobe House Pictures

Adobe Home Video
Bachelor Townhouse

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween is not officially celebrated off camp but it is a big deal on them!  Saudi's come in from the surround communities to trick or treat and hang out.  Here are some of the scenes from Halloween on the Dhahran Compound.  
 Security blocking off streets
 Dressed as Saudi soldiers!
 Block Party Atmosphere.  There had to be at least 3000 there!  They were as far as you could see.
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