Friday, January 20, 2012

Sand Roses

Sand Rose digging is one of the things people enjoy doing here.  Sand Roses are gypsum crystals formed with sand over time.  They are hard like a rock and heavy.  The are found just above the water line which means you have to dig for them.  You can dig and not find many or you may hit a hole that just keeps giving. It is a bit like playing the lottery.  There are some places that are known for them and you can see the remains of other digs by the abandoned sand roses laying about.  The sand roses come in all shapes and sizes and are very pretty.  
Abandoned Sand Roses and pit
Sand Roses Left Abandoned
Sand Rose
Sand Roses
Filled in hole
What we found
.Empty hole


  1. My friend and I spent two days to find out the spot of digging desert roses,and we are sunburnt and found nothing. Could you tell me the PRECISE location of it?
    We tried the location 26.208924N,49.854294E, and the location 26.227661N,49.846001E.Thank you!

  2. N 26*11.647' E 049*50.148" Send me you email (won't publish) if you want directions. Good Luck!


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