Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

Camel Market

This is where they sale the camels.  This big camel is the male that fathered the others.

These camels are worth 150,000 SR or about $40,000 because of their long faces.  They are not ones that you would eat.  They are a pleasure camel.

Bedouin Market

These are from the Bedouin Market in Nariya.  The Bedouin are nomadic people who live in tents and travel around.  At their market they are selling goods made for camels.  There are also people selling coffee, dates, and other animals such as long haired goats.


These are pictures from our trip to Nariya. This is where a lot of the Bedouin or nomadic people live.






Wednesday, March 23, 2011


They have some of the coolest looking birds here.  I have not been able to get pictures of a lot of them but will work on it.

Pots & Such

These are from Shaybah but are just me playing with the camera.  I liked the colorful pots!




Shaybah Compound

Shaybah is an active site for obtaining oil. They are also in the process of adding an LNG plant. As a result they need thousands of workers here and a small compound. It is an all male compound and is accessible by plane only unless you are up for a 10 hour drive! The guys that work here are on a rotation. It is a beautiful compound.






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