Friday, August 26, 2011

Fort Bahrain

Fort Bahrain is located in Mamana on the water.  It dates back to the 16 century A.D.  It is an amazing site and well preserved.  You are able to walk all around it on a self guided tour climbing on checking everything out.  It is worth the drive to see!  It is impressive to see the ancient mixed with the modern.  


These photos were taken in February prior to the protest that occurred and the State of Emergency in Bahrain.  That has ended and for the moment things appear calm and normal.  This was the only trip over that we were able to see the Pearl Monument.  It has been torn down by the government since then.  I have more recent pictures of Bahrain on the blog as well.  When I started this I wasn't going to include Bahrain but have since then decided to so that is why these are so out of place.  It takes about an hour if there isn't much traffic on the causeway to go from Dhahran into Manama.  Although we have waited for several hours before coming back into Saudi.
  Wahoo Water Park Sticking out

Monday, August 1, 2011

Lost Paradise

Lost Paradise is a water park in Bahrain.  It is out of town a bit but is worth the drive.  It is 10 minutes from the Causeway 20 minutes from Manama.    It is an outdoor water park but even in 115 degree weather was very enjoyable.  It is not a huge water park but there is enough to do to keep you busy all day.  The crowds were non existent when we were there.  We went on a Friday.  (Their Sunday so that may have helped.)  We never had to wait in a line and were able to do every slide at the park.  It is a very nice park and we look forward to going back.
 Wave Pool Beach
 Wave Pool
 Kids Area
 Lazy River
Lazy River                  Water Dump
 Kids Area
 This is how you know this isn't in the U.S.  other than that it could be.


I've decided to include Bahrain on this blog since it is so close and is frequently visited from the part of Saudi that I live.   We have stayed away from Bahrain since the state of emergency was declared.  We finally decided it was okay to go back.  The big changes I noticed this go around were the pictures of the king that were plastered everywhere.  They were all over the causeway going in and then again all around the University of Bahrain.  We also saw the Speedway for Formula One which was huge.

 University of Bahrain
University of Bahrain
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