• Saudi Arabia is a desert and a giant pile of sand!  There won’t be any rocks for our dog to chew on so we seriously packed some!  While we have found a few true sand dunes most of the area we are in is rocky and hilly.  They have huge limestone rock cropping called jebels which are fun to climb.  The only area that has large sand dunes like you think of being Saudi is by the beach.  Everywhere else is this rock ground with thin layers of sand.   There is also a lot of palm trees and grass which surprised me.
  • Saudi Arabia is hot all the time!  I almost didn’t pack my winter clothes but finally decided I might need them for Europe.  Okay it is winter here and nothing like winter there but it is cold for Saudi.  It has been in the 50’s and the highs have been the 70’s.  Not exactly really cold weather but cold enough for pants and long sleeves.  
  • It’s a desert and doesn’t rain!  We have had a ton of rain and I don’t mean like Portland, OR or Seattle where it just drizzles all day.  I mean like Texas where it comes in hard for a day then goes away. 
  • There won’t be as many items available.  After spending a lot of time in West Africa I was under the opinion that food and household items would be hard to come by.  That is not the case.  You can find anything here that you can find in the States.  The main difference is you might not be able to find it when you want it.  They tend to get things in batches so just because it is here this week doesn’t mean it will be here next week.  We spent the first month looking for Cheerios and Miracle Whip.  Finally decided I wouldn’t be able to get them here then one day they were here.  When you see things you want you just have to stock up and hope when you start to run low you can find it again.  I should also note they have all the major food chains here!
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