Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Half Moon Bay

The beach closest to Dhahran is Half Moon Bay.  It is also company run so western attire is allowed.  It is a nice beach although I prefer Ras Tanura.  There are not many waves here. 

 Read number 10

 The dolphin is actually a shower


  1. Do you have to be on the compound to go? I want to go! Unfortunately, my company put me off compound :( I am looking for a beach to just chill out at and be me! My husband and I want to sail! We feel so underwhelmed with the corniche in Dammam, a beautiful sea that we can't enjoy.

    1. Yes you have to be an Aramco employee to go. Sorry! Bahrain has some beaches that you can go to. There are public beaches in Saudi as well but you will still have to wear the abaya.


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